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To Dave..

Mario Has a Lifelong Case of the Common Cold.

Bola Njinimbajan
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To Dave: A community that gives advice for all you lovely people, coming from our own Mods. Ask anything, but if it's personal, you can send questions by e-mail. No, we are not licensed professionals, but we will try our best.

The Origin of "To Dave"
Once upon a time, Nichole was sitting in Geometry. And this was no ordinary geometry class. In this class, cheerleaders liked to argue about who's belly button ring had given them cancer.

One day, Nichole happened to casually glance at one of the cheerleaders desks. She was signing the back of one of her pictures. She wrote "To Dave" at the top of the picture, and later that day, Nichole told Jo about how conceited the girl was for signing her name on a picture of herself.

The story of the "To Dave" girl was a little joke for a while, until Nichole, Jo, and their friend Carmen decided to start an advice column called "To Dave." It was perfect!

If you need advice, just ask Billy, Kyle, or Dave (Jo, Nichole, or Carmen).

Your Insightful Mods


Pen name: Billy.
Real name: Johnna
Age: 15
Birthday: December 23, 1988
Sign: Capricorn
AIM: HomieBeatsDottie
Yahoo!: intoxicated_dreams_x
Email: intoxicated_dreams_x@yahoo.com


Pen name: Kyle (in red shorts).
Real name: Nichole
Age: 15
Birthday: August 22, 1989
Sign: Leo
AIM: ILurvePudding
Yahoo!: glory_fades22
Email: ilurvepudding@aol.com


Pen name: Dave.
Real name: Carmen
Age: 15
Birthday: August 21, 1989
Sign: Leo
Yahoo!: xxbreaking_the_habitxx
Email: xxbreaking_the_habitxx@yahoo.com

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